Our Doctor

Name: Dr. Rupam Desai (M.S. Ophthal, D.O.M.S.)
Specialisation : Retina Service
No. Research Papers : 30
In REI since : 2001
Presented various research papers at American Ophthalmic Society

Name: Dr. Falguni Mehta (M.S. Ophthal)
Specialisation : Cornea Service
Special interest in DSEK & DALK
No. Research Papers : 36
In REI since : 2000

Name: Dr. Jigisha Randeri (M.S. Ophthal)
Specialisation : Glaucoma Service
No. Research Papers/posters : 31
In REI since : 2004

Name: Dr. Bhavesh Patel (M.S. Ophthal)
Junior Consultant
In REI since : 2012

Name: Dr. Gaurang Makwana (DNB Ophthalmology)
Junior Consultant
In REI since : 2013 In REI since : 2012

Name: Dr. BhumiKa Patel (M.S. Ophthal)
Junior Consultant
In REI since : 2015

Name: Dr. Bharti C. Lavingia (M.S. Ophthal)
Hon. Medical Director


Rotary Eye Institute boasts of highly advanced facilities and state-of-the-art equipments. REI has been continuously working towards scaling up its facilities and to extend the best services in eye care. Today, almost 40 operations are performed every day in our fully-equipped 5 Operation Theatres and our Out Patient Department (OPD) attends to over 150 patients each day.

REI offers 3600 eye care services – Eye Treatment, Eye Banking, Research, Education, Prevention & Awareness and Rehabilitation.